Business Registration Forms

Chapters 42 and 598 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) require certain businesses to obtain a certificate of registration from Nevada Consumer Affairs to do business within the State of Nevada.  Nevada Consumer Affairs is accepting registration applications from the following business entities:

  • Dance Studios
  • Health Clubs
  • Organizations for Buying Goods or Services at a Discount
  • Structured Settlement Purchase Companies

Information for Dance Studios, Health Clubs and Organizations for Buying Goods or Services at a Discount

To determine if your business entity is required to submit an application for registration, please reference the following letters which outline the relevant portions of NRS and provide information about what must be submitted to complete the application process:

Nevada Consumer Affairs is available to answer general inquiries about the registration process but cannot provide you with legal advice.

    Additionally, registration application packets, including instructions on how to complete the applications, can be found below.

      Dance Studio Application

      Health Club Application

      Organization for Buying Goods or Services at a Discount Application

      Information for Structured Settlement Purchase Companies

      The Structured Settlement Protection Act was passed during the 2021 session of the Nevada Legislature. The Act requires certain companies to register as a Structured Settlement Purchase Company with Nevada Consumer Affairs.

        Beginning October 1, 2023, the updated Structured Settlement Purchase Company registration fee schedule is in effect:

        • Initial application- $250 non-refundable fee
        • Renewal application (timely)- $250 non-refundable fee
        • Renewal application (within 60 days of expiration)- $375 non-refundable fee
        • Reinstatement application (more than 60 days after expiration)- $500 non-refundable fee

          Fees should be submitted by check payable to Nevada Consumer Affairs.

            Structured Settlement Purchase Company Application