File a Complaint

What our office CAN'T do

  • We can not provide legal advice
  • We can not provide law enforcement assistance
  • We can not resolve personal disputes- we only process complaints against businesses
  • We can not resolve disputes with companies that are not located or are not licensed to do business in Nevada
  • We can not investigate complaints about other governmental entities
  • We can not investigate criminal acts
  • We cannot guarantee the outcome of an investigation

    Areas that we DO investigate

    What is a deceptive trade or business practice? 

    Here are just a few examples:

    • Making false or misleading statements of fact concerning the price of goods or services for sale or lease
    • Fraudulently altering any contract, written estimate or repair, written statement of charges or other documentation in connection with the sale or lease of goods or services
    • Failing to make delivery of goods or services for sale or lease within a reasonable time or to make a refund for the good or services in accordance with published refund policies
    • Showing or demonstrating defective goods for sale/lease which are unusable or impractical
    • Knowingly making any other false representation in a transaction

    What is deceptive or false advertising?

    • Knowingly publishing false or misleading statements of fact concerning the price of goods or services for sale/lease
    • Advertising goods/services with intent not to sell them as advertised, including bait and switch advertising schemes

      Steps to Resolve a Dispute

      1) Contact the business directly to attempt to find a resolution

      2) Document the steps that you have taken to resolve the issue

      3) Gather supporting documents related to your claim including contracts, receipts, copies of correspondence, cancelled checks, bank statements, etc.

      4) If you are unable to resolve the complaint with the business directly, file a complaint with our office.

        File a complaint

        PLEASE NOTE:

        All complaints MUST have supporting documents (i.e., receipts, contracts, etc.) If none are attached, NCA will be required to close case until documents are received. If you do not have supporting documents, please state the reason. Complaint form must be filled out and signed by the consumer.

        By accessing the complaint form, you acknowledge that the form is to be used ONLY for submission of a complaint to the Office of Nevada Consumer Affairs. Anyone found to be utilizing the form for any other unauthorized use may be subject to legal action. 

        File an online Complaint

        A hardcopy complaint form can be requested by contacting Nevada Consumer Affairs by calling 1-844-594-7275.