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3-Day Right to Rescission

The 3-Day Right to Rescission applies to door-to-door sales where the price is in excess of $25 (NRS 598.230).

It does not apply to car sales.

15 U.S.C. § 1635 (Federal law) gives a three-day right of rescission of a finance agreement, but that does not apply to the underlying sale.  It does apply to some bank loans.

    Sellers of Travel, Sightseeing Tour Operators, Dance Studios, Health Clubs, Telephone Solicitors and Organizations for Buying Goods and Services at a Discount

    Sections of Nevada law (within NRS 597 and 599B) that require registration with the state of certain businesses including sellers of travel, sightseeing tour operators, organizations for buying goods and services at a discount, dance studios, health clubs and telephone solicitors were repealed during the 2015 Legislative session. Please contact (702) 486-2750 with questions.